Dawn of Casino Age - Viable Japanese Market

Now is the time the deregulation is going to start as far as Casino business in Japan. It is one of viable solutions for inheriting the current and producing better mass entertainment, creating add-on tax resources and job opportunities, and enhancing global tourism. We have to weigh effectiveness of this policy, deregulating the global betting business as an alternative to raising consumption taxes.

Casino business model observed in western world, such as in Las Vegas or even in Macau, has become one of full-fledged industries, or a grown-up social system. This fact seems to be beyond our understanding, but why? This is due to our folkfs common way of thinking, or saying what you don't mean depending on the situations. In modern society, gambling is never a shady business nor a shameful act, but generally accepted social actions or mass entertainment.

In most of the advanced countries in Casino industry, the ways and means have been thought out and organized for pursuing this specific business. That includes formulating legal standards, administrative control, and compliance-checking for both of casino gaming machines/system and facilities to accept the betting business as a social system. Crucial things are that these have been done and operated by private initiatives; e.g., Gaming Standards Association formed by casino operators, providers, trade associations, and administrative agencies. Their outcomes are being made public and shared among all concerned. Any party could reference them from Web sites for free.

By looking at our mass entertainment industries (such as arcade gaming and Pachinko-Slot), they have developed their own unique gaming contents and gadgets by making the best use of the then latest technologies. So far they have enjoyed brisk market, and it seems to be certain that they could survive even in the current economic downturn.

Big concerns, if any, would be what are going to happen once the casino era has come here, and what we consider now to cope with the very beginning of historical turnaround.

In the coming Casino Age, for the existing domestic entertainment industries to survive and enjoy further growth, one of the pressing needs is to get full understanding of the facts that we are surely late comers among them - mostly due to overall lack in the knowledge about global de facto standards and the trend in casino systems as well as underlying technologies.

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